Serve Duchess Freya

Whether you are looking to ‘just chat’, exchange photos/clips, or delve deep into your darkest fantasies the only way to serve me is by tributing. My attention is highly sought for & does not come cheap. I give my focus to those who tribute the most, and are the least needy.

Discord Server

Free Access
Be sure to join my discord server where you will have access to all my links (and updates on which ones are currently down), notifications for new and upcoming clips (along with descriptions, prices & clip length), my schedule, live stream updates (and links), access to tweets, real time reimbursement opportunities, take part in polls for content creation, and be the first to know about new platforms/updates. Members in my server have the ability to purchase time with me in a private room to discuss queries, content or live sessions.

Click here to join !

Streamate Sessions

One on One $10.99 USD / Min.
Group Session $10.99 USD / Min.
You can join a one on one session with me where I offer cam to cam. Confess to me your darkest secrets, what makes you tick. Let me control your mind and body for my own amusement.
You can find my live stream at ; I make 35% on this platform. HOWEVER, I can make 75% if you sign up under that link!
When you use my link for sign up, I will also make an additional 20% on anything you spend on other models!

I may offer nudity after a minimum of 4 minutes, if you are an obedient and respectful sub.

LoyalFans + Censored LoyalFans + Rip-Off LoyalFans

$10 USD / Month – Subscribers [Main + Censored]
$15 USD/ Month – Subscribers [Rip-Off Page]
Free for Followers
Subscribe to unlock all past and future daily posts, or follow me for free updates and unlock posts as you go!
LoyalFans offers the ability to text and exchange photos clips with me, as well as tribute & browse my clip/audio stores! I stream on this platform often and make 80% here! so you don’t miss out on daily posts, clips or live streams! for the most pathetic ~ Pixel pumpers!
All posts here are CENSORED for betas. for you pitiful losers who ache to be ripped off by a spoiled brat!
Photos and clips of useless items, dirty socks/panties, censored images, trash, and posts I’ve posted on other platforms for free/cheaper! Is there anything more useless to spend your money on?


$1.50 USD / MSG
Prices for photo/clip/audio exchange vary.
Up late & looking to be taunted & denied? Or are you just looking to chat with a angelic Goddess?
You can text me or arrange a phone/video call with me on or (or other loyalfans pages)
I exchange photos/clips & am available almost 24/7 – those who tribute receive my attention first.

Discord Sessions

$9.99 USD / Min.
You can opt to purchase a block of time offsite for a one on one session, via Discord. I will receive 100%-80% off-site.
I accept payment through WishTender ( or Loyalfans.
If you are looking to schedule a block with me, text me or join my Discord Server to discuss.
I may offer nudity after a minimum of 4 minutes.


$10 USD / Month – Pixel Pumpers (Censored Content)
$15 USD / Month – Rip-Off Addicts
$50 USD / Month – Gooners (Access to Censored + Rip-Off Page + Extra nudes/teases etc.)
$100 USD / Month – Gold Tier (Access to all tiers and free messaging)


To be continued…….

Waste (Panties/Socks etc.)

Prices Vary
Attention foot slaves, panties sniffers and other perves – Are you looking to purchase my used junk? Luckily for you, if it can be shipped, I sell it!
I sometimes have shoes, socks, tights and panties available for sale via ManyVids (you can browse my shop here).
However, if there is something specific you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me.
I would love to charge you for my trash !

Reimbursement Opportunities

Use one of my payment methods to cover any/all of my expenses listed here.
Rent $1500
Phone $50
Internet $185
Power $60
Hair $250
Daily opportunities also available on my discord! Check my WishTender as well.

Custom Content

$10.00 USD / Min
My prices are subject to change. You can purchase custom content from me via iWantClips (you can fill out the form here). I offer a variety of fetishes. Props & specific outfits/fetishes may cost extra. If you are unsure if I would create your clip, you can join my Discord Server or text me to discuss. Standard time for delivery is 4 weeks.

Ways to Tribute

I love to be pampered, spoiled & complimented. The best way to ensure my happiness is by providing me with gifts and tributes. You can also support me by subscribing to my LoyalFans/OnlyFans or purchasing clips from my clip sites.
My most obedient betas spoil me selflessly, by purchasing me gifts, sending large sums of money & reimbursing my purchases happily and without hesitation.

Ways to tribute:
E-Transfer (Canada):
BTC Wallet: bc1qfj75gcv3ukchejztxcuxjvm3nkg2jaxc6u2rsuucuk52hwn6pk3qzjh6cy
ETH Wallet: 0x31B810348cc49c4fFf7F8edDAcA40d4A0C60868C
WishTender (100%)
LoyalFans (80%)
IWantClips (60%)
ManyVids (60%)

Wishlists: for gifts via Throne, Amazon & Etsy. for tip options, reimbursement opportunities & gifts on other platforms/shops.

You can also send giftcards to – Please make sure Amazon giftcards are from

Add a Markup code to your clip binges on MV or IWC!

iWantClips Markup Codes: FREYA10, FREYA25 or FREYA50 to add 10%, 25% or 50% to your order.
To really impress me use YESFREYA to add 100% to your order, or FREYAFIEND to add 200%

ManyVids MarkUp Codes: Duc28601 for +250%, Duc82286 for +100%
Duc10103 for +50%, Duc36583 for +25%, & Duc76402 for +10%